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Stop Being Beg

March 5, 2018The Impatient Tourist

I’m starting to believe some of you have no shame. Like, did your parents not teach you independence?

This culture of beggatry is really starting to get on my nerves. Between the Begatrons and the Begckies – I don’t know which one is worse. Every time I just pray people are joking but they are dead ass serious.

Someone will post, ‘went to Cheesecake Factory today!’ and some beggar will automatically respond with ‘no invite?’ 

Someone else will post, ‘can’t wait for this party at X house!’ and some beggar will go message X about ‘no invite?’

Or, my favourite, when you post a travel plan and suddenly 3-4 people on some ‘can I join?’ tip.

Do people not realize if someone wanted you there, they would have included you from the jump? Perhaps they want to do something alone, or with a significant other or with close friends. None of that pertained to you. Like, at ANY point. So when whole adults proceed to be beggy for people to invite them to stuff, I always side-eye it. That is really strange to me.

Everyone is grown and has their own plans and goals. Not everyone is invited along for that ride and that’s fine. Don’t put people in an awkward position and guilt them into inviting you somewhere, don’t do that. It has gotten so bad that I was telling my best friend Jummy the other day for my travel plans I won’t even mention them unless I already have a ticket to said place booked. Because I’m not sure where people come off asking me to tag along if I didn’t ask them to nor know them particularly well. 

Whether it is house parties or travel, people have to realize those are intimate experiences/places for some and you don’t just go inviting yourself along. If you didn’t get invited, just hold your peace. Can’t say I have ever seen another person talk about their birthday dinner or travel plans and been tempted to be like ‘OH SO NO INVITE? OKAY OKAY!’

You are hurting WAAY too loud kids. Stop it. 

I won’t even get on the topic of the romantic beggatry because I am currently taken and that has nothing to do with me. Just know – I see that nonsense too. You could just ask folks on dates instead of ‘NO INVITE?’ them to death when they say they took a shower. Weirdos.

What’s even worse is that those who never speak to you nor engage you socially at ANY other time always want to come along to your adventures suddenly. That’s strange too. Oh, now I exist? That’s interesting. Good to know.

Please, stop being beg. Have some pride and go make your own fun.

– Mirna 


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