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Catching Flights vs. Catching Feelings

June 12, 2018The Impatient Tourist

I don’t catch feelings, I catch flights‘ – quote under an IG pic by someone who is about to fly from Toronto to Wyoming for their grandmothers Knitting Expo.

I realize I’m being a tad bit facetious (tad), but come on guys. Well, I mean, if you do catch flights and not feelings then you wouldn’t feel any way about this blog post then correct? Splendid.

The reason this quote always makes me laugh is that people that don’t actually travel frequently have no clue that traveling is ALL about catching feelings. Although they may not be the romantic type, which I assume this quote usually alludes to, they are still feelings. 

The feeling of saving enough money to book a trip? Joy.

The feeling of booking a error-fare flight? Orgasmic.

The feeling of finding your hotel in a perfect location, with perfect reviews and a perfect price? Elation.

And no, traveling and catching flights isn’t always those positive feelings either……

The feeling of missing your connecting flight? Anguish + Anxiety.

The feeling of your ‘perfect’ AirBnB cancelling on you two days before you arrive? Torment.

The feeling of missing a good price on a flight? Heartbreak.

Travel is all feelings and maybe a couple of flights. That is the whole point, how traveling makes you feel. The same reason we rather have experiences instead of material things is because we want to keep those memories forever to revisit the feelings of a certain trip. The same reason we take pictures (okay, like, 50% flexing) is so that on those shitty days at work we can look at those pictures and remember how we felt on that beach or at that museum etc.

You should be catching both, feelings and flights. Only difference is, one of those is insurable and the other isn’t.

Happy Travel Tuesday!

– Mirna 



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