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Carry-On Chronicles: Cropover Packing

August 1, 2017The Impatient Tourist

I’m flying to Barbados tomorrow for a week-long shenanigans-filled carnival trip. This trip has been in the works since about December and I have been planning every small, big, intricate, complicated, expensive part of this trip for more than half a year. The time has finally arrived.

Usually, for a week long trip to only one location I would be fine with bringing the checked-in luggage that allows me to have an extra 50lbs of clothing I probably won’t use. However, this year because of our return flight going via St. Lucia and said flight being on the unreliable Liat airlines – issa no still. The last thing I need is to worry about my luggage magically being lost on a 40 minute flight. I’ve had enough anxiety with this trip, I don’t need to add to it. 

Luckily for me, packing light is something I do masterfully. When I went to Asia in December, I traveled with an 11lb carry-on for 19 days. So Barbados for one week should be a a breeze right?


Like a previous post of mine about vanity being a detriment to smart packing, I definitely had some of those issues packing for this carnival trip. The whole thing with carnival is you still have to look good for the parties. I can’t be bumming around in the same 1-2 jean shorts everywhere.

Not only do I need a different outfit for every event, as an added nuisance this time I had an inflatable cooler to bring with me. (We land at 1:30pm tomorrow, the first party starts at 4pm, there was no way for me to get my hands on a cooler for the cooler fete so I just brought my own)  

This is how I broke down my packing (clothing) list for carnival:

Wednesday – outfit for flying, outfit for Fyah D wuk

Thursday – bathing suit for morning, outfit for errands, outfit for Lush

Friday – outfit for Candy Coated, bathing suit, shoes to wreck for Foreday

Saturday – outfit for Bliss

Sunday – all white outfit for Jalapeno Sunrise, outfit for Soca Brainwash

Monday – comfy shoes for Kadooment

Tuesday – bathing suit

Wednesday – uh….use something from the first flight + outfit for errands?

The final packing list looked like this….

3 x romper, 3 x bra, 9 x undies, 4 x shorts, 4 x shirts, 3 x bikini, 3 x sandals, 1 x shoes for Foreday, 1 x inflatable cooler, 2 x socks, 1 x purse, 2 x waterproof bags, 1 x toiletries bag (lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, aloe, sunscreen, makeup etc), Jewelry for costume, Phone charger + whatever outfit I would actually fly in that is not packed. 

 All the things going into the carry-on ( the blue and white in the left corner is the inflatable cooler ) 
All the things going into the carry-on ( the blue and white in the left corner is the inflatable cooler ) 

I broke down everything I would need to pack on a per-day basis so I knew I’d have a new outfit for whatever the occasion was and guess what? It worked. I fit it all into the same backpack I used for my trip to Asia and into a purse aka ‘personal item’. 

 'Personal Item' purse on left, Backpack on right
‘Personal Item’ purse on left, Backpack on right

The nice thing about packing for hot countries is not needing to bring anything particularly heavy when it comes to clothing. Shorts and rompers do not take up much space. I also could have chosen NOT to bring some of the toiletries – but since I had the space I figured I would bring the necessities just in case. 

Happy packing everyone!

– Mirna 

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