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NO, I Do Not Have A ‘Sponsor’

August 18, 2017The Impatient Tourist

I’m really sick of this shit. 

I’ve BEEN sick of this shit.

Why is it that every single time a woman travels a lot, the FIRST assumption is that she has a ‘sponsor’?? Is it completely beyond you to think we make enough on our own? That some of us work doubles and overnights to travel as much as we do? 

This falls in the same line as people who say ‘omg you’re so lucky!‘ when you travel to somewhere you fully paid for yourself and didn’t win in a sweepstakes. 

In my many years on social media, I have never seen a man get accused of having a woman sponsoring his travels. Ever. It is presumed that he just happened to make enough or work enough to be able to travel. However, the second any woman (including myself) happens to fly somewhere people consider luxurious or just go away multiple times in a year – we must have a man financing this. 

Do I take issue with women who do have sponsors to pay for their trips? Absolutely not. Free travel? LOL. I hope you get every air mile you can and see as much of the world as you can on someone else’s dollar my dear. But it is highly offensive to assume the rest of us don’t have the means to travel without the help of a man.

Miss me with the power dynamics of the genders as well, how men have the money while women have the sex. I’m not new here, I know how this works. Doesn’t mean it works for everyone. 

I have been to 26 countries as of last week, and by the end of this year I will be at 28. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many extra shifts, overnights, doubles etc. I had to do so I could afford that kind of exploring. When people fix up to say that I have a sponsor or I am ‘lucky’ for all of these countries I have visited – no, it’s not one of those. 

A lot of us don’t come from rich homes where we can just take off whenever we feel like. I wish that was the situation, but it just is not. All the women I know who travel a lot bust their ass at one or two jobs so they can afford to do what they love. You saying that they must be escorting to travel negates all their hard work. 

So please stop.

Stop telling women that they must be financed by a man to travel just because your favorite IG personality happens to be or because you don’t work enough to afford it yourself. Stop telling people they are ‘lucky’ to travel because luck had nothing to do with working 90 hours within two weeks and making sacrifices in your social calendar. 


Note: If you do have a sponsor for travel, ATTA GIRL! Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do for what you want either. They’re just jealous no one offers them a stick of gum, nonetheless a whole trip.

– Mirna 

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