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My Travel Must-Haves

March 23, 2018The Impatient Tourist

Hello all! 

I get asked a lot via DM’s and e-mails about what I bring with me when I travel. What are the items needed for going to X country or Y country etc. Figured I’d put together a nice little list for everyone (with links) so I could just forward it to people every time they ask me. I’m sure I will think of some more but at this current time the lucky number seven will have to do.

Stay Current

First of all, you need a voltage converter. When I traveled to Europe and to Asia I always brought this super cheap (but effective) converter with me. I actually don’t even know the brand name of it, but it has served me well for MANY years and through many countries. The link for it is here

Stay Social

The other item that I always have on me for travel and also in my day-to-day shenanigans is my portable charger. Because I like to post on Snapchat and IG constantly, my battery can get drained pretty quickly while on vacation. Imagine? I’m out gallivanting and see something beautiful and suddenly I can’t even record the memory? No thanks. That is not the lifestyle I want to live. I’ve had my Anker charger for about three or four years now and it comes in really handy. Not only does it save me when I’m traveling alone, it also has TWO ports for charging so my friend who takes a lot of selfies won’t have her phone die either. We can charge at the same time. HURRAY SELFIES! The cost of this is on the pricier side, but the amount was well worth it to me. If I charge this portable battery just once, I can be on road and get my Google Pixel to go 0-100% a whole 6 times. Blessaz. You can buy it here.

Stay Unbothered

A new purchase I made as a recommendation from one of my Twitter followers is to get into using wireless headphones. I was a little skeptical because I can be absentminded and lose things, but so far it has worked out very well for me. The headphones I would usually buy are from the dollar store and I break them within a week or I end up just being able to use them for listening instead of phone calls as well. Spending more than $2.00 on headphones really was asking me to do a lot. But I did, and I love them. No dealing with stupid wires anymore and they’re comfy and block out the noise on airplanes so well. I bought these Sony headphones here.

I will note, they are also really clear for telephone calls and cancel out the techno crap gyms play loudly while you’re running on a treadmill. One charge will give you 8hrs of use! 

Stay Dry

When I was leaving for my trip to Bali I began reading a lot of message boards to see what the weather in December is like. Rain. Rain. More Rain. Well, shit. Made sense why the flight was so cheap at the time. Apparently in December for Bali, Singapore AND Kuala Lumpur it was normal to get a lot of rain – I was going to all of them. I was already intending on just traveling with a backpack for this trip but now I realized I probably needed to get a waterproof one just in case. I must have spent hours reading and picking through other people’s opinions. Well, I finally had found the one and I made a great decision. The Quest Mariner 20L, which can be purchased here, was the one for me. This backpack is sturdy and it is crazy expandable. I had left Canada traveling with only 11lbs with me, and during my return I went souvenirs-crazy and I think the bag expanded at LEAST another 30%.  It withstood the rain, the tossing around into airplane overheads and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all to carry around. For this price and what you get out of it – great buy.

Also, if you’re crappy at packing…. I made a whole post for you previously on my blog, found here.

Stay Clean

While on the topic of items needing to be waterproof, if you travel alone or go to carnival – you need to have something for your phone/money to stay dry.  I know that I don’t feel comfortable leaving my phone and hotel key card unattended at the beach, so I always have my waterproof bag with them in it for when it is time to swim. Also, if you go to any carnivals I know at some point you will end up in a j’ouvert situation and need to have your money, phone and keys on you staying dry/clean so these bags are perfect for it. You get two of them and they can be purchased here. I realize many people still use regular plastic bags to keep their items dry and that is cool too, but I know I personally like having both of my hands free when trying to hold both liquor and the back of a truck. 

(Note: Anytime you purchase waterproof cases, first do the tissue test with it. Place a tissue inside of it, close it and completely submerge the case under water. When you take it out after 5 minutes, check if that tissue is still completely dry inside. Then you’ll have the reassurance of it keeping your money, phone etc. dry as well.)

Stay Light

Fun story; when I use to try and weigh my luggage I would first weigh myself on a scale and then pick up my luggage and stand on the scale with it and subtract the difference. I’m dead serious, that is how I use to check to see how much my luggage weighed. As you can imagine, that provided incorrect measurements on MORE than one occasion. With carry-on fees and checked-in luggage fees becoming ridiculous for some airlines, I advise everyone to buy an actual baggage scale. I bought mine before my trip to Bali so that I could make sure my carry-on would be OK for all my domestic flights in Asia. It can be bought here, and I promise you it will save you the awkward ‘shit let me transfer some stuff from this bag to this bag‘ at the airport check in line OR even worse, having to pay extra for your luggage to the airline. 

Stay Comfy

So you’re leaving on a long ass flight, lets say, 15hrs direct to Shanghai from Toronto and you’re not trying to carry a lot of extra crap on you BUT you want something to make your flight more comfortable. Or maybe, you somehow got caught in the shitty middle seat on the airplane? I got something for you! I found this gem back in 2016 and have been using it ever since for any flights over 6hrs. It is called the Travelrest and can be purchased here. I like to hug my pillow when I sleep at home, so being able to actually embrace something to fall asleep on a plane was a game changer for me. Most of the travel pillows you just lay your neck/head on but with this one you can hold on to it and sleep comfortably on your side, even if you are in the middle airplane seat. Also, unlike the other neck pillows, this one deflates into basically nothing  and can be wrapped up so you don’t have to carry around something bulky or worry about dropping it on the filthy airport ground. It is super sturdy to hold on to because it wraps around your head rest and your seat belt to stay in place. Love it.

I hope some of these will make travel easier for you like they did for me. Also, if you’re in a hurry I’d recommend getting Amazon Prime like I did because sometimes you need things for your trip ASAP and getting it within two days is awesome. Happy travels! 

– Mirna

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  • Vanessa

    March 23, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    You are a life saver!! Buying all of these before my trip to Thailand. THANK YOU <3

    1. Mirna Eljazovic

      March 24, 2018 at 2:51 am

      Thank you so much for reading, I’m glad you liked some of the items and that they will help you peacefully/comfortably get to Thailand!

  • KNM

    March 24, 2018 at 3:35 am

    I didn’t even know those waterproof cases existed! Must have for sure.

    1. Mirna Eljazovic

      March 24, 2018 at 10:53 pm

      Yes! They were definitely a life saver for me when I travel alone or participate in any activity where I may be filthy.

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