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Carnival Itinerary: Toronto to Jamaica Carnival 2019

May 7, 2018The Impatient Tourist


Who: Four people/Two Beds, Two people/Two beds, Solo

Where: Toronto to Kingston, Jamaica

When: Thursday, April 25th – Wednesday, May 1st 2019

Budget: $750ish

Notes: Yes, the flight on the Thursday lands at 4:30am. I did that flight this year for JA Carnival and it was awesome because you can land, nap, and then have the whole day to gallivant. I have made the ‘stays’ portion Wed-Wed so that when you land at that time you would be able to right away check into your place instead of waiting until 3pm.

Flight: Pearson International to Kingston | April 24th – May 1st (because it technically leaves at 11pm on the Wednesday)

$484.18 CDN per person; roundtrip (direct)

 Seriously, under $500!
Seriously, under $500!


Stay: AirBnB for four | April 24th – May 1st

Option 1: $584.00 CDN ($146.00/per person); Bed + Sofa bed, Perfect reviews, Good location

Option 2: $717.00 CDN ($179.25/per person); Awesome place, Two bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, Good location, Perfect reviews, I just stayed here for carnival and loved it

Option 3: $748.00 CDN ($187.00/per person); Looks nice, Bed + Sofa bed, Perfect reviews, Good area

Option 4: $756.00 CDN ($189.00/per person); Place looks beautiful, Good area, Looks big, Perfect reviews

Option 5: $780.00 CDN ($195.00/per person); Looks nice, Pool, Gated community, Good reviews


Stay: AirBnB for two | April 24th – May 1st

Option 1: $507.00 CDN ($253.50/per person); Good location, Good reviews, Looks cozy

Option 2: $461.00 CDN ($230.50/per person); Looks cozy, Good reviews, Great location

Option 3: $502.00 CDN ($251.00/per person); Bed + Sofa bed, Pool, Looks OK, Good reviews

Option 4: $543.00 CDN ($271.50/per person); Looks great, Perfect reviews, Good location


Stay: AirBnB for one | April 24th – May 1st

Option 1: $266.00 CDN; Close to transit, Looks cozy, Perfect reviews

Option 2: $194.00 CDN; Good location, Looks OK, Perfect reviews

Option 3: $250.00 CDN; Looks nice, Good area, Perfect


Total: Overall, even if you go for the MOST expensive options I posted it’s about $679.18 CDN per person for the 4 person trip, $755.68 CDN per person for the 2 people trip and $750.10 CDN for solo.

Extras: If you are wondering about the costs associated with attending Carnival in Jamaica, please read my post about it here. Also, you can read my recap of the experience from attending Carnival in Jamaica 2018 here.   

– Mirna 


I am not a licensed travel agent of Ontario and make itineraries as a hobby. Any itineraries used by readers are of their own free will and choosing. Site owner is not responsible for any misadventures, mishaps, airline issues or accommodation issues that occur on trip itineraries that are posted or individually e-mailed to readers.

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