The Lakehouse Restaurant

Lake House Restaurant

August 16, 2018The Impatient Tourist

I realize my posts are supposed to be about Toronto spots to go get food but you know, sometimes you have to venture out a little bit too right? Maybe you want to impress your parents? Take your best friend out for her birthday? Maybe you want to take your side chick somewhere no one will see you? Right. 

Lake House Restaurant is amazing for any of the aforementioned reasons. Oh, and the views and food are pretty amazing too. 

This has been one of my favourite restaurants for a very long time. When I lived in Hamilton, this was the place we all went to celebrate graduating college. Now, it will take about a little over an hour to get there from Toronto, well worth the drive though. 

I’m sure many of you have seen this place on the side of the highway when you drive to and from Niagara Falls. It is hard to miss the thousands of lights set up on the restaurant and the tree outside of it. The decor is beautiful, there is a huge wine selection and if you can score a seat on the patio – you’re really set. It has amazing views of the water and it is so peaceful and jaw-dropping at sunset. 

On this trip to Lake House Restaurant my friend Jummy and I decided to try out the charcuterie board and for our mains we both chose the lobster mac and cheese. First of all, I have to mention they bring out bread before your meal starts and it is WARM bread. This may be insignificant to some, but to me it is a huge bonus when I don’t have to try and put hard butter on some hard bread. All types of fail. This was nice and fluffy bread with fluffy butter to match. 

Once the charcuterie board came out, we were pretty impressed. The best part of the whole board was actually the mustard. If you love mustard, this is the place to try some very unique-looking mustard that tastes delicious. When the lobster mac and cheese came we both laughed at how small it was and that we would need to overload on dessert after to be full. We were wrong. This may have been the thickest mac and cheese I have ever had. We both were huffing and puffing to finish the whole bowl of this little meal. Wild.

On a nice summer or fall night if you can make it out to Vineland, you really should try and visit there. If you can, also request a patio seat with your reservation and try to go near sunset. You will not be disappointed. Beautiful place.

Fave dish: Lobster Mac and Cheese

Location: 3100 N Service Rd, Vineland



– Mirna

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