Hamilton to Las Vegas: Quickie Baecation

November 2, 2018The Impatient Tourist


Who: Two People, One Bed

Where: Hamilton to Las Vegas, Nevada

When: Thursday, February 7th – Monday, February 11th, 2019

Budget: $400.00

Notes: You are flying from Hamilton (not Toronto) and you don’t NEED to pick your seat and pay extra money but to purchase luggage each way it’s actually cheaper for checked-in luggage than it is for carry-ons. I pack light, but even I can’t pack enough in a purse for a whole weekend getaway you know?

ALSO, I realize by the time some of you see this many people probably jumped on the flight price as soon as I posted it, so just e-mail me individually and I can find you an alternative date!

Flight: Toronto to Las Vegas | February 7th – February 11th

$145.99 CDN: roundtrip (direct, but let’s say it is $209.99 with checked-in luggage each way)

 I’m dead serious, this is a real price.
I’m dead serious, this is a real price.

Stay: AirBnB for two | February 7th – February 11th

Option 1: $362.00 CDN ($181.00/per person); Looks great, Close to Strip, Perfect reviews

Option 2: $276.00 CDN ($138.00/per person); Perfect reviews, Looks cozy, Good location

Option 3: $274.00 CDN ($137.00/per person); Looks nice, Perfect reviews, Quiet area, Still close to action

Option 4: $336.00 CDN ($168.00/per person); Close to transit, Looks great, Perfect reviews, Good area

Total: Overall, if you go for the LEAST expensive options I posted it’s about $346.99 per person for the trip and for the MOST expensive options it’s about $390.99 per person for the trip.

Extras: If you plan on using AirBnB for the first time, click here for a free credit towards your stay OR if you choose for the first time click here for a free credit. Also, if you plan on using Uber for the first time, click here for a free credit towards the ride.

– Mirna 


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