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Two Days in Copenhagen: Sneaker Stores and 7/11’s

February 6, 2019The Impatient Tourist

This won’t be a particularly long post since out of these two days, I spent half of one traveling over to Malmo in Sweden.

Copenhagen, Denmark was country #4 in my twelve-day travel bonanza this past December. It was a good destination to go since I’d have such easy access to Sweden and could experience a place I really knew nothing about.

Before arriving to Copenhagen I had booked this AWESOME hotel/hostel. The reason this place was so awesome was, well, #1 the cost and #2 all the good stuff it had in it. The hotel is named Steel House Copenhagen and it was probably the best part of the two days I was there. Before I landed in the country they had already e-mailed me notifying me to download their app so I wouldn’t have to go through any check-in process nor acquire a key – check in and the key are both accessible on the app. So going in and out was very straightforward since all I had to do was swipe my phone with the app open and boom, my room would let me enter. This hotel had a pool, a gym, a band area, a huge kitchen and it was located in the perfect place to roam around Copenhagen.

To get to downtown from Copenhagen airport was also really bless because the train ticket at their airport was straightforward to purchase, inexpensive and got you to the center very fast. Just watch out for the frigging landing at the airport because if you are someone who isn’t so good with flying? Coming in over the water in winter winds will definitely have you shook. The plane was palancing through the air as we landed. (safely)

After I got nice and cozy in my hotel I actually had no big plans for the night except I REALLY REALLY wanted to see Tivoli Gardens. And before you ask, no, this is not like the Tivoli Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica. Bet you didn’t know I was a mind reader.

Much to my dismay, Tivoli ended up being closed the day I arrived and the following day as well. So the only pictures I could get were from outside of their gates. It was so disappointing because if you actually had seen the place in person? It was really something to be immersed in. The light decorations were so beautiful and it made you feel like a kid looking at it. Shame.

I walked away with my disappointment and just wandered the streets of Copenhagen for the night. You’ll notice from the title of this post what I had seen the most of in this city. I swear to you, every three steps in Copenhagen there was a damn 7/11 or a sneaker store. There was SOOO many 7/11’s that in some areas they were like positioned directly across the street from each other. I didn’t even see this in America.

If you are a big sneaker head, definitely make time to visit Copenhagen. Their selection is massive, unique and there really is a sneaker store every couple of meters. Good place to go broke filling your shoe closet.

That is my recap of Copenhagen. I hope I didn’t disappoint.

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