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Review of Monteverdi VIP Lounge: Malpensa Airport

August 11, 2019The Impatient Tourist

Let me begin with – this is the first time I have ever used a lounge at an airport. Yes, I am a broke bitch. *shrugs*

I just never saw a need to use them and rarely are any of my layovers over two hours so it seemed like an unnecessary expense for someone who tries to keep everything as cheap as possible.

On Saturday my layover at Milan’s Malpensa airport was a grueling 6.5 hours. That number to me is the worst because it isn’t enough time for me to go venture outside but it’s super long to be sitting in an airport.

Prior on leaving for this trip I had done my research on things to do in Milan’s airport and the Sala Monteverdi / Monteverdi VIP Lounge kept coming up. I said OK, if I’m going to stay in the airport for a long ass time I may need to finally go to a lounge like the fancy pants people.

Sala Monteverdi Milan Receipt

The location of the lounge was over by the A01 gate in Terminal 1. It took me a while to find it because I believe my flight from Toronto had landed somewhere over by B50. My 7.5 hour flight felt really long and I am unable to sleep on long flights, this lounge was needed because Milan’s airport is really busy and being near people while tired rarely works out for me.

Upon entering you go over to the counter and pay the $56.00 CAD fee (36 Euros) with your credit card to use the lounge. They do not accept debit or cash as a form of payment. Then you just go pick your seat and have a super relaxing time.

I liked that there was only about 30 people or so in the whole lounge the entire time I was there, 11:30am to 5:00pm. With the fee you pay you get (very fast) wi-fi, unlimited finger sandwiches, pastries, fruits, yogurts, water, cheese, beer and wine. This was most definitely one of the moments in my life I really wished I enjoyed beer and wine, I feel like intoxication would have made the long layover more enjoyable this way. The pastries and the cheese were incredible. I think I easily ate $56.00 worth of those two categories alone and I REGRET NOTHING.

There are private bathrooms in the lounge as well and I learned that there is also a private shower that is available for use and they would give you the toiletries for it. Fancy.

If you do ever end up at Malpensa airport and have a lot of time to kill, I say splurge and go enjoy this lounge. You probably would have spent way more on some hamburgers and waters while waiting with the masses for over 6 hours anyways. Comfort? Unlimited food? Liquor? Quiet? Unbeatable.

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