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I Got My Teeth Done in Turkey!

August 25, 2019The Impatient Tourist

This was a looooong time coming.

I have been working towards getting my teeth done since the beginning of 2019. All those damn overnight shifts and doubles finally came to fruition now that I FINALLY GOT MY TEETH.

Initially I was going to wait a week or so after the procedure was completed to post this, but I hate repeating myself answering the same questions over and over again. Where did you do this? How much was it? Meow meow meow meow meow. Well here is a blog post explaining it all, with pictures!

For the pre-trip information you can read all about that here. This explains all the planning process, the contacting Dental Centre Turkey, why I wanted to get my teeth done and also will help stop some of you from asking dumbass questions or making dumbass comments.

The information below is everything that happened in the past eight days of me getting this dental work done in Antalya, Turkey! It is my experience and overall a review of Dental Centre Turkey.

The First Day

Saturday, August 17th was my first appointment. At noon I was picked up by my private driver and taken to the Dental Centre Turkey, Antalya location. I was happy because it was only a 12 minute drive from my hotel so the back and forth was quick.

I loved the driver because he was all about doing it for ‘Gram. He offered to take my picture as I sat down in the vehicle and he even took a video of me getting out of it and going to enter the clinic. A team sport!

Once I arrived I filled out all the necessary medical information and was taken to get x-rays. I would like to note here that for those of you who HATE the x-rays when they put those things in your mouth and make you gag – it isn’t one of those. This is the super high-tech one that spins around your head and you just bite something with your two front teeth.

I waited about an hour for them to check out my x-rays and figure out what was wrong/what needed to be done. During that time I sat in their lobby and made friends with the Brits all getting their teeth done there, enjoyed their free wi-fi and also drank some fancy pants looking water. They have tea, water, milkshakes etc. for you to drink while you wait.

Eventually the dentist came down and brought me upstairs to talk to me about what I wanted done, my goals, and a cosmetic oral surgeon also checked out my mouth to give his opinion. I was lucky because I had no other issues with my teeth (cavities, etc) on the x-rays so all that needed to be done was what I came there for.

  1. 16 veneers, eight at the top and eight at the bottom
  2. 1 dental crown on this HUGE filling I had on my upper left side
  3. Gum contouring on my upper teeth so I wouldn’t have such a gummy smile anymore

The cosmetic surgeon agreed that all of this could be done and told me what to expect in term of aesthetics. After that the photographer came in and I had a whole photo shoot of my ‘before‘ mouth. I’m talking WHOLE ass production. The guy took pictures of them up close, me smiling, and then also took me to their little photo studio to take pictures there as well. Was very happy at this moment that prior to coming on this trip I went and got my chin and upper lip sugared. Sheesh.

Following the photo shoot myself and the dentist sat down and she outlined everything I would have done and asked me to choose the type of veneer I want and also the shade of tooth. I went for the Zirconium Crowns in a BL2 shade. I had to underline and bold that because it is a frequently asked question. BL1 was a little too bright for me and I just didn’t see the need to get the EMAX or CEREC veneers. If you want to know the different between all three types of veneer, please click here.

The dentist broke down the price, and I signed off on all the work and the price of it. This is another question I probably get asked the most, ‘how much did the dental work cost?

Total Cost = 3290 GBP / $5473.56 CAD

Here is the price breakdown sheet I was given and the cost of the conversion when I paid with my card:

Veneers Cost Dental Center Turkey
Price Breakdown
Veneers Cost Dental Center Turkey
Cost in Canadian Dollars

Works for me, this shit would be like $21,000 in Canada. *shrugs*

I was very lucky at this point because they started working on me the same day. Within two hours of having my x-rays done, the procedures began.

The Procedures

The needles fucking suck. There, I said it.

I have a horrible needle phobia and the amount of needles needed to numb your mouth is WILD. Although I am obviously grateful that I was numb for things that probably hurt even more, yes, still sucked.

There are two people working on your and this is how my process went:

  1. First they take impressions of both your upper and lower teeth so they can make your temporary teeth for later.
  2. They used a q-tip to apply numbing cream to my upper gums where the numbing needles would be injected for the gum contouring and filing down.
  3. They injected about 6-8 needles to my upper gums to numb the area.
  4. First they did the gum contouring, you don’t feel a damn thing.
    • I should note here, some people mentioned they were bothered by the burning smell, I was not? Thank goodness.
  5. After the contouring they proceeded to file down my upper eight teeth with various drills and instruments. Again, you do not feel a damn thing because you are numb all the way up to your nose.
    • Note here again, some people mentioned they wanted to gag from the taste of their own tooth shavings, it didn’t bother me at all. Maybe the dental assistant just did a really good job of suctioning? I didn’t taste anything.
  6. Now my lower gums had the same steps as 2 + 3 done, except, injections to your lower gums hurt WAY MORE because there’s less flesh between the needle and your damn jaw bone. Lord.
  7. I did not have contouring done to my lower gums so they went straight to filing down my lower eight teeth.
  8. After this was done I was totally numb from my nose to my chin and looked like baby shark doo doo doo dooo do…..
    • Another note here – they no longer allow pictures inside where they work on you, so no pictures of the shark teeth. Sorry.
  9. They took another set of impressions of my top and bottom teeth while filed down, so the temporary teeth would be able to sit properly.
  10. Got my temporary teeth placed.
Dental Center Turkey Antalya
Where All My Work Was Done
Temporary Teeth
The Temporary Teeth


When they finished me up and I had the temporary teeth in they explained some of the stuff I can and cannot eat while I have them in and gave me my prescriptions for the week. There would be no crunchy or sticky food for the week, not a big loss. The adjustment to the temporary teeth wasn’t so awesome because to me they felt HUGE. Also, they were porous? I don’t know how to describe it. Our teeth feel so flat and clean, while these things got everything and anything I ate stuck to them.

The prescriptions were an antibiotic I’d take twice a day, a mouthwash to use three times a day and a painkiller to have just in case. All three came to about $18.00 CAD.

Prescriptions Veneers
The Prescriptions

Much to my surprise, my next appointment was not scheduled until Friday, August 23rd. I wasn’t too upset because I assumed this would give my gums plenty of time to heal and I could go to lots of activities in Antalya during that time. (which I did) I liked the time away and not having to go back and forth regularly because that would cut into my tourist time and I was trying to enjoy this medical tourism as much as I could.

Dental Center Turkey Antalya


While you’re numb you are annoyed because you drool non-stop and look like a weirdo, but when that shit wears off? Oh lord. I’m not sure that it was necessarily the pain from the filing of the teeth, I think it was more so the gum contouring. I made the mistake of waiting until the numbing wore off to finally take a painkiller. DON’T DO THAT. Start them ASAP. The painkillers are very strong and I think I took three (one every four hours) in the first day of having my temporaries in. After that, I actually didn’t use them again for the rest of the week. Just that first 24 hours is a bit of a shock to your system with the pain and the soreness.

Eating is a little difficult with the temporaries as well, but you do get use to it. I was happy I only chose to go for the 17 teeth instead of like 20+, because I still had my back teeth to chew with if I was feeling weird.

Fitting Day

Friday, August 23rd came and it was FITTING DAY!

This would be the day I would get to try on my new veneers one by one and decide if any adjustments needed to be made.

Prepare yourself for when they remove your temporary teeth because your filed teeth are super sensitive. When they were placing and removing my veneers I definitely was feeling that sensitivity and it was not awesome.

Once they placed my veneers on for the first time, I got to get up and go look at myself in the mirror to check them out. The lower set looked amazing and so did the sides of my upper set, except the two front teeth. To me, the two front teeth were too square and it looked way too fake for me. So I told them that I wanted them to be more round so it would look more natural.

They removed my veneers and explained it to the designer of the teeth and he took them away to work on them some more. I waited about 30 minutes for my teeth to be adjusted before I got to try them on again. Perfect. I loved the new design of them and I was ready to have them placed permanently.

Unfortunately, to have your permanent veneers placed you had to go through a whole new round of injections to your gums. I swear this time I got no less than 12 to my top and 12 to bottom. Agony. I hated this part!

They placed my permanent veneers and then took impressions of the bottom teeth so they could make my gum shield to wear at night to protect them.

The Final Appointment

8:45am on Saturday morning I went in for my final appointment.

The soreness and pain from the day earlier was still there because I guess now my gums have to adjust to these newly cemented-in teeth.

Eating sucked the first time with the new veneers as well because you swear you’re going to bite into something and the tooth will fall out. But it is all mental and I ate breakfast on the Saturday just fine.

Once I got to the office they did their final inspections of what my mouth looked like with new the smile and also checked my bite. Some drilling/adjustments had to be made so my bite would be precise or would work with my old teeth + my new teeth. No pain today, they just flossed between the teeth to get rid of any leftover dental cement and I had a whole new photo shoot.

I signed off on the completed product, was given my gum shield, a new set of prescriptions to have just in case and a pamphlet of information on how to care for my veneers going forward.

Here are the pictures you probably were waiting for, the before and afters of my teeth from three different angles:

Before and After Veneers Dental Center Turkey
Before and After Veneers Dental Center Turkey
Right Side
Before and After Veneers Dental Center Turkey
Left Side


I’m so damn happy. All the work leading up to this point was worth it and so was the pain in doing the procedures. It took eight days to complete my teeth, but only three appointments. Not bad, happy they let my gums heal over the days in between appointments.

Now that I have written this, if there is something I didn’t cover between the two blog posts about getting my teeth done in Turkey – just shoot me an e-mail from my contact form. I hope this was informative enough and that I gave an adequate enough review of Dental Centre Turkey as well.

Not everyone can afford dental work in their own country so I understand many people may also seek to go abroad to get the work done. If I can be of any help, I will try to be of help as much as possible.

If you are wondering how much the things you need done to your mouth would cost at Dental Centre Turkey, there is an online price list that you can find by clicking here. Furthermore, if words and pictures didn’t suffice, I made a whole ‘dental work’ highlight thingy on my Instagram page and you can find that by clicking here. It has my play-by-play as the days went on, you can go through the anxiety + suffering + happiness with me.

Finally, if you are planning to go visit Antalya, I wrote a blog post about all the activities I did around my appointments. You can find that blog post here.

  • Mirna

Comments (12)

  • Jinx

    August 26, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    Hi Mirna. Amazing post! Could you please do a 3 month, 6 month and 1 year update?

    1. The Impatient Tourist

      August 26, 2019 at 4:56 pm

      I most definitely will!

  • Smile Dental Turkey

    August 27, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    Wow great article, thanks for all information

  • Ana

    September 8, 2019 at 10:57 am

    your old teeth didn’t look that bad at all, great work tho! how long did you have to stay in turkey for this? thnx

    1. The Impatient Tourist

      September 9, 2019 at 9:30 am

      I was there for 9 days all together.

  • Ana

    September 9, 2019 at 11:43 am

    Ok thanks, can I ask why did you choose porcelain over composite veneers? I am looking to get my done next summer in Europe but seems like they only do porcelain there?

    1. The Impatient Tourist

      September 9, 2019 at 11:44 am

      I was given porcelain, EMax as my options as I said in the blog post. So I chose porcelain.

    2. The Impatient Tourist

      September 9, 2019 at 11:48 am

      Sorry, and the CEREC option as well. So porcelain, Emax and Cerec

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  • Dental Turkey

    November 18, 2019 at 5:05 pm

    This is perfect. I like it very much. I follow your writings with curiosity. Can you write a more detailed article about prices?

    1. The Impatient Tourist

      November 18, 2019 at 6:09 pm

      Hello, thank you for reading. There is a whole picture of the receipt/bill that breaks down the costs. I”m not sure how else I could be anymore detailed.

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