Kravice Waterfalls

Day Trip from Dubrovnik to Kravice Falls and Mostar

September 4, 2019The Impatient Tourist

I didn’t even know Bosnia got to 43 degrees (109.4 Fahrenheit) in heat, like, ever. If there is any part of this day trip from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Kravice Falls and Mostar in Bosnia that shocked me, it was the damn weather.

Sorry, I lied.

There was two things that shocked me – the weather and the damn border situation between Croatia and Bosnia. Two big shocks, one long day.

Who thought having to cross three borders to get into the country next to them was a good idea? You literally have to go from Dubrovnik to Neum (in Bosnia), and then cross back into Croatia and then, AGAIN, cross back into Bosnia to head to Mostar and Kravice Falls. What a complete pain in the ass for a hot day and when there’s other large tour buses running at the same damn time. I unfortunately had to go through this process twice during my long trip in Europe and it is a big nuisance and takes up a lot of your time for the day just crossing borders to and from Dubrovnik.

Kravice Falls

The excursion I booked was on Viator and it cost $70.00 for the day trip from Dubrovnik to Kravice Falls and Mostar.

We left at about 6:45am from the Pile Gate area of Dubrovnik and the bus was NOT big. I unfortunately was the last one to board and at 5’9 220lbs I got stuck sitting in the back-right corner of the bus with no space to recline and with the person in front of me reclining THE WHOLE TIME.

Did I mention it was 43 degrees that day? Yeah. Even with the air conditioning that was not helping the amount of water weight I lost that day.

After the fiasco of crossing all those damn borders, we made it to Kravice Falls eventually in the late morning.

What a majestic site. Wow. The pictures for this place don’t do it justice, especially because of how hot it was and how cooling it was to step into those waters.

You walk down a whole lot of pathway to get down to the falls and once you get there, just strip down to your bathing suit and run in. There are also change rooms if you need the privacy for said stripping down. I came there with my bathing suit on underneath my clothes, so I was ready for action immediately.

Even in the early morning the place already does begin to pack up, so I can understand why we had to arrive at this time of day. I bet as it gets past noon etc. it must be incredibly busy. I wish we had more time here, one hour just didn’t feel like enough basking in the beauty that surrounded me, but we had to move on the Mostar next.


From Kravice Falls to Mostar was not a long ride and I was happy about that because swimming makes me hungry. (I’m very mean when hungry)

When we arrived in Mostar we had an awesome local guide give us about a 35-40 minute tour from our bus to the old bridge in Mostar. He told us some of the history of the city (both great and tumultuous) and of course, about the bridge itself.

I really liked Mostar. I would probably love it even more when it isn’t so damn hot outside at the peak of the tourist season. It was soooo packed.

If I could give some of you a big tip for coming to visit Mostar – wear shoes with VERY good grip at the bottom of it. I am clumsy and I had regular sandals on and it was a pretty pathetic sight watching me try to walk on their rocky roads. You will see a picture below of what the roads there look like and yeah, like an ongoing foot massage that may lead to you faceplanting in a very public place. On top of the bridge and in the streets where all the market stalls are, it was an interesting walk for me and my no-grip shoes.

The bridge was exceptional to finally witness in person and to stand on top of. The history is very sad, but with the sadness there’s this amazing resilience in its presence. I felt good being there. If you want the local men to jump from the bridge, you’re going to have to put together 50 Euros. A lot of people in my group expected random dudes to be constantly risking their bodies jumping off of it, no. Pay up.

I did learn that the history of men jumping from the bridge began as a way to impress women. If you were brave and strong, to show how serious you were about a girl you’d jump off that bridge to show her that. Furthermore, apparently there are two ways to jump off the bridge and the one where it requires you to go head-first was reserved for the best looking women. Our guide said this lead to some men dating less attractive women, because they knew they couldn’t do that jump. I found this all hilarious because telling men to go jump off a bridge is a personal hobby of mine, except it isn’t for love but to get the hell away from me.

The cevapi in Mostar were also quite good, I do need to mention that. I liked them, they weren’t up to Banja Luka standards but they were tasty nonetheless. Make sure to also try the pomegranate juice while there!

Overall, I really enjoyed this day trip. I would love to return to both places but have a whole day or two to take them fully in. It’s important for me to highlight beautiful places like Mostar and Kravice Falls to people because Bosnia isn’t just ‘the country that had that war‘. We have a lot of natural beauty and even more culture to share. 

I hope some of you read this and consider visiting Bosnia to see somewhere as beautiful as Kravice Falls and as fascinating as Mostar. 

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